Anyone use these?

Is there any other kind?

Anyway, I use one and they work so-so.Usually more lube hits the ground than the cable(tricky to get to seal properly). But if you work at it, eventually you see lube at the other end of the cable and you're good!

Yes, they work. Just not very well. In addition to lubing your cables they will also lube your speedo assy, your mirrors, the backside of your headlight shroud, your safety glasses (wear them) and your shoes. And just about anything else in a 3' radius.

I have one I have had for over thirty years. Never leaks, works great but... I have found lubing cables is a mixed blessing. The lube often dries out thereby making the cable have more drag. Also, in a dirt environment, the dirt sticks to the lube (if it gets in there). so these days, I run dry cables. When possible, I use cables with a Teflon inner liner. For speedo cables, I simply slide out the inner, flush solvent through the outer to clean, wipe down the inner and re-lube with white lithium grease.

You want to use the right lube for the job, and it's a 2-step process. I use WD-40 to clean out the old grease and dirt.

I then lube it with a shot of Tri-Flo teflon/silicone lube. The can is ancient, I don't know if they still sell the brand, but it basically is a dry lube - the solvent evaporates and leaves just the slippery stuff, and dirt doesn't stick to it.

Like buttah! :confused:

NEVER use chain lube on a cable. It's really gummy, and in cold weather, your cables will be really, really hard to move and might stick.

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