broke 3 spokes, is it ok to ride, just not hard?

there HD spokes on my rear 10 inch ssr,

3 broke all in a triangular pattern, i over tightend them i guess. a new wheel is 100 bux and even then ssr claims they have a replacment wheel but the bike being an 05 i bet there just gonna send a newer style wheel and i bet those wont bolt up unless i figure out spacers and all that crap. i wish i can find some spokes to work but i know i wont. but until i can figure out if ssr will send the actual right wheel, can i still ride it around the trails with 3 broken spokes as long as i dont ride durty like usual?:confused:

anyone else have any wheel replacement or fix it ideas?

I rode around with several broken spokes on my 12" rear for quite awhile. Just don't pound it too hard and you should be fine.

I would think all wheels should be the same width, so just keep the spacers you have and save up for another SSR wheel...

I'm ever the overly cautious one, but three spokes gone will make that wheel very much weaker. It may feel fine but it will probably fail catastrophically when it does go and you may be kissing the pavement.

If you have 12mm axles, there is someone on ebay (and maybe someone here) who makes adapters so you can run wheels with 15mm bearings. As was already mentioned, most wheels should be similar, but the spacers may differ. When I finally got my forks mounted, my spacers were way off but I was able to carefully grind them to the proper spacing. Perhaps you can do the same.

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