'82 XR250R Rear Shock?

Hi, a friend just bought a nice 1982 XR250R, and the rear shock has no dampening left. Is there a rebuild kit for this year, or what other year models will bolt in place?

Thanks in advance!

I had one of those about 10 years ago, really clean too. I remember seeing aftermarket shocks for it at the time from one of the 'biggie' shock/spring providers of moderately better than stock stuff. (name escapes me now, maybe progressive?) . Anyway, there are of couple of places that sell something for it. They went mono shock rear pretty soon after 82 so I doubt there's anything any better than oem in the Honda line.

Actually the '82 250R does have the monoshock. If I remember right, it was the first year to use the Pro-Link monoshock setup.

I did see that Progressive sells a spring for it, but he needs some dampening first! :confused: The last I talked to him he said he found a somewhat local shop willing to rebuild his shock, but was waiting for a price quote. Maybe that'll work out, rather than replacing it.

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