Hanging Idle is gone

Life is going to be sweet around this forum and others now that you dont have to listen to my sniveling, whinning rants about hanging idles and decel popping anymore. Today at 3 pm life in Agua Dulce was filled with happiness and relief when I pushed the button and she started right up and settled into a decent idle the likes of which I hadnt experienced with her since her purchase a few months back. It seems the reason she was so cranky was because one of her passages was backed up. It appears that the previous owner or myself had tightened the fuel screw to tight and the tip had broken off and had lodged itself into the seat. You couldnt see it and the only reason I found it was because the members of this forum and others kept giving me suggestions on how to find and fix the problem. It came down to me unraveling a piece of #10 stranded copper wire and fishing it down the hole (venturi?) in the front of the carb. eventually it went all the way through to where the fuel screw seats. I never did find the culprit as it must have been real small. Anyway thanks to AS, PT, Randman,Krannie, Doug and all the others who could have ignored my sniveling but didnt. It just gives proof to the fact that sometimes even if you dont know the solution sometimes just a word of encouragement can be the difference between success and failure. Thanks to all!!



Makes sense. I get pretty cranky as well when one of my passages gets backed up.

You were not sniveling at all. If you were, we would have flamed you.

Congrats. Now, go get some scabs.

Yaaahooooo :lol::worthy: :worthy: :sweden::crazy::p:confused::excuseme: :excuseme:

Makes sense. I get pretty cranky as well when one of my passages gets backed up.


Thats Great! All ready to Ride!:confused:

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