Bike keeps running rich...

My bike, 03 cr 250, has been doing this for a long time now... Its runs like a raped ape when your on the gas all the time, but just about every time i stop or even slow down the bike loads up bad.. And i have to continually clear it out.. Its starting to get very agravating.. I usually foul atleast one plug every ride.. Just did fresh top end job... What you guys think?? Jetting??? Thanks for any info.....

check the float level. if thats within spec, i would suspect a bad crank seal. a buddy had a very similar situation, and it turned out he was sucking oil through the right seal. ran great once the revs were up, but sputtered and loaded up at idle.

I'll check that out.. Thanks for the info

It could be the slow jet is too large and you are running rich at idle or low rpms. Try adjusting the air screw out if this does not fix it then put in one size smaller slow jet.

If you are at altitude and have the stock pilot in then it will be rich for sure.

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