Osteoartrithis , still possible to ride?

I have been diagnosed with Osteoartrithis.

20 year ago broke my ligaments and my knee has been kind of loose since then, it never bothered me so didnt do anything about it.

Had some knee pain and Dr say I have Osteoartrithis, Im 43 , full into sports and in excellent shape, ride mt bikes, 4 times a week, swim,body surf, and ride dirt bikes for a living, guiding tours .

Saturday I went riding dirt bike and after 2 hrs I went thru a rough section, fast standing up on the pegs and felt a super sharp pain in my knee, and after that I couldnt ride anymore.

The Dr here said to stop Mt biking, but that I could continue with dirt bikes, and when mt biking it doesnt hurt, only when I need to pull up with my knees to go thru a technical section, but no pain when pedalling or going downhill.

So is Dirt Bikes over for me? because of my condition?

I can post a picture of my XRay here?

If your knee is still loose, the arthritis isn't so bad. Arthritis will tighten a knee better than anything.

A your youthful age, if you have some arthritis, and ALSO have instablity, the ligaments need to be reconstructed.

Feel free to post an X-ray.


Here are the Xrays, some are of my right leg which is the good one just for comparisson.

What I mean with the loose knee , is that it has a play back and forth because of the lack of ligaments


This is the righ knee the good one just for comparisson l

You can see all the Xrays here


Thanks a lot for your help

That knee X-ray is NORMAL. There is no arthritis. Come visit me for a week in Houston, and you wll leave with your knee fixed, and be back riding in three months.

That one is also normal.

Wanna trade?

What about the knee pain and play in the knee?

The Doctor told me the knee had lots of wear and in 7 or 10 years I will need a knee replacement.

So should I continue riding my Mtbike at least?

Why do Doctors recommend cycling but not Mtbiking for the knees?

There is some arthric change there, but the poblem is not insurmountable.

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