Need help! - bike coughing - Mixture problem?

Ok - this is my very first post on this site and i have been told that you guys know your stuff regarding 4 strokes. Recently purchased a second hand Leo Vince X3 exhaust and fitted it straight on to my 05 crf 250.

Did a 3 hr enduro with it and all worked fine so i have no reason to believe that there is a jetting issue with the new exhaust although i am still running on the standard jets.

The weekend after the enduro, me and a few freinds went to a local practice track in proper wet conditions (mud everywhere), after a few laps my bike started coughing out the exhaust and cut out. Could not start it at all after - occasionally it fired up and then died immediately!

The one time i did start it was when i pulled the hot start lever in when the bike was cold - you guys will know whether that is of any significance!

I've washed the bike and now it seems to be starting ok again so could it be just a wet weather issue?, could something just have got blocked up or wet?

Or is this a fuel mixture/jetting issue with the new exhaust bearing in mind it worked fine for a 3hr enduro the previous week!

Any help would be great (sorry if that was a little too much information!):confused:

This may sound silly... but many overlook it on their search for stardom haha...

Did you leave the choke on by any chance?

That kind of describes your situation to a T from what I understand.

Choke was definately switched off, but yes i agree, sounds like it's a mixture issue. Not sure what the best course of action is:bonk:

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