first rides on my 08

well I am impressed with it,

coming off a 06 the power down low is much stronger.

I must say though that as much as I love the bike,the workmanship is not very good from kawi.

The brown paint looks like crap on the clutch and ignition covers before I even finished breaking it in.

even the triple clamps have a few paint chips in them from getting roosted a few times in five laps with another guy.

that stuff to me isn't a big deal but if you think about how much is spent on them.

Anyway, my seal for the clutch arm in the case is leaking slightly,and the cases are leaking just under the carb slightly,like they didn't silicone it good.

My 06 leaked in both those places also.

Anyone else have those leaks?

and yes I did retighten all the bolts after breaking in.

the cases still leak in that spot.

Also,I played with my suspension quite a bit and my front end really pushes in loose dirt.

I dropped the front end down to 11mm and my rear sag is at 100mm.

I think I am going to change the front tire and go with the 80 instead of the 90 wide tire.maybe that 90 is making it float/push.

i dont think mine leaks in those spots. mine shifts like crap thow

Mine doesn't leak in either place and My bike shifts perfectly everytime. Sorry for your problems... Have you tried calling the dealer an asking them their thoughts on your problem? They probably wouldn't do anything, but I would at least give it a try?

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