Help-----xr400 Ran Well, Started To Sputter

99 XR400 415 kit, Mikuni carb, electric start

CA Inland Coastal Mountains. Have ridden this bike here before and it ran well, so elevation issues should not be causing this.

It was running fairly well, started to sputter while climbing a very steep, rocky trail. Then no power and a fall. Broke the starter switch. Electric starter does not turn over when shorting hot wire to ground. Bump started and the bike will not rev out, sputter. A fellow rider tells me that the tail light is flickering.

Sounds to me like an electrical issue? Maybe wiring to CDI.

A ride is scheduled tomorrow with 2 brothers and a nephew from out of state and I need this bike running! Too late for most of you to assist tonight. Any one have an idea as to where to start?

FURTHER A few weeks ago this motorcycle died at the end of a river fording. Started up and ran well after that.

Problem located and solved in less time than it took to post the plea for help!

Ground wire bolt missing?

I hope thats all it was,its Blasphemy to miss a scheduled ride with the brethren.

You need to do the carb vent line T mod. Run a line off the T up high under the seat.

FURTHER A few weeks ago this motorcycle died at the end of a river fording. Started up and ran well after that.

Thanks for the responses

I had further issues with the electric start after getting into the woods. Fuse blowing. After looking at the bike and scratching anatomy.......................... the person that we purchased the bike from had used a kill switch for the starter button. When the bike crashed it had broken the switch. We replaced it with a new switch of the same design. Blew fuses right away. Decided that the rubber sleeve over the bar the switch was mounted over was to keep the switch from grounding. Out in the woods I found that the rubber sleeve was open/separated under the clamp. After rectifying that issue, the bike ran well for the ride.

I have a 400EX to install on that bike but was trying to make the fix simple.

The venting for the carb up under the seat makes sense to me!

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