Airfilter box.

What can i use to clean inside the airfilter box, i don't want to spray water in there and get it in my engine, so what can i do? are there any sprays i can use? etc.

you can get a plastic cap from twin air that replaces your filter and makes a water tight seal so that no water gets into your engine, then wash out your box with a pressure cleaner. or you can take the whole box off and wash it in the sink

ditto on the above. I usually take mine off about once a month and do an all around job on it. I also just use the air-filter cleaner to get inside the airbox and then a paper towel all dirt away. So use air-filter cleaner to dissolve all the dirt and just be carefull about getting dirt in the boot. This is one of those tasks I always hate doing but it has to be done.

WD-40 is actually an excellent cleaner. Use the Twin Air cover suggested, spray the box with WD-40, brush it and rinse it with a garden hose. Works great. :confused:

the best way i think is use doubleD40, or lubricant spray, it works the best i think ive been using it for 3 years now, works great, cleans it and it acts like a magnet towards the dust that gets in there

I spray carb cleaner on a paper towel and wipe the inside of the airbox down with that. Occasionally I'll remove the whole sub frame and wash it out with the water hose and simple green.

I just replaced my filter and used a damp paper towel to wipe most of it away in there.

I use the Twinair cap, Simple Green and a hose. Looks like new.

WD40 works the best.

WD 40, unless you have a cover and can blast it out with water.

i just use a old air box doesent really get that dirty

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