Castrol R4 10W-50

Ive got 8 litres of this oil. Used it in my R6 road racer and dont want to sell it

all if I can use it in my 250R. So is it ok to use on both tranny and engine or should I get something else for example for colder weather?

Couldnt find much info on 10w-50 oils with search so just link me there if this is already a hot topic and I missed it. Thanks.

It will be fine :confused: Oil is pretty much oil... Any good quality 10w40 or 10w50 m/c oil is fine. Or any good 15w40 diesel oil is good. I personally use the Shell Rotella T 15w40. Right now I am back to a 10w40 m/c oil because it is a little colder here and the 15w40 makes for harder starting when the bike is cold.

Make sure you are changing the oil after every good hard ride, or if you aren't riding the bike as hard, every 2 rides/3 or so hours is fine. Transmission, do it at the same time as the engine if you are hard on the clutch, if you aren't you should be fine for every 1.5-2 engine oil changes. Oil filter, after every 15 hours. Airfilter after every dusty ride, or 2-3 normal ones. Filterskins helps extend the changing interval.

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