08 TE510 ride

I abused my new 510 on some nasty enduro type trails, sometimes just cutting through the woods with no trail at all. Very slow speeds sometimes sitting still for long periods. about 30 miles of it this bike works great in these conditions. never got hot ran flawlessly,ripped off a couple turn signals though. have the power up kit on it but it will still ping a little when i lug it in a high gear.I'm sure a re-map will cure that.

Also did some laps on an MX track and it was also good there. very happy with this bike will ride some rocky trails this weekend, if its as good there as it has been everywhere else I may be selling my EXC250 2 stroke.

Did you hit the rocky trails yet?

just a couple miles, not enough to determine alot but it seems pretty good. a little stiff but that will change in time. i need to do a couple hours in the rocks to be sure. not happy with the range from the small tank. on the ktm i can do a 3 hour race and still have gas in the tank

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