Thanks TT members, Fork Seal is Fixed.

I am a recent convert from quads to Motorcycles. I have recently purchased a 2001 CR250, and spent my first Dune season on 2 wheels. The CR has breathed new life into my dune trips. The magic of the CR has also lead another Dune buddy to put his quad up for sale in hopes of getting a 2-wheeler before next Dune season.

As I prepared the toys for the upcoming Easter Trip, I noticed a glint of fluid on the rim of the front wheel. I thought that the kids had spilled a juice box while playing in the garage that day. I looked around quickly for leaks, saw nothing, and just wiped up the small puddle. I returned a day later and found new puddle glistning in the fluoresent light, Dam! Being new to Off-Road Motorcycles, I was unaware of the requirements to keep the fork seals cleaned on a regular basis. (My road bikes never had a leaking seal, ever.) I had just assumed that the seal was on the end of its life cycle, and I happened to be the owner when it gave up the ghost.

I was not looking forward to tearing the forks apart prior to the trip, but I did want to check TT to see what I was possibly in for. After a quick search, I came across the fork seal cleaning method. (I first chose the tear-off method.) Sweet, I went out to the garage and try as I might I could not get the tear-off to get underneath the seal. It was late, and I decided to try some more searches before I continued trying to Jam an object into my Fork's seal.

The next day I took some more time to research the Fork seal cleaning method. After being directed to a CRF450 fork seal replacement post, I realized that I was previously working on the dust seal, and basically had NO idea what I was doing. I was now glad that I had stopped and continued my research.

Later in the day I went out into the garage with my new found Knowledge. This time "Armed" with the .004 Feeler gage method. I started the project this time by removing the Dust Seal. This was a small victory, and I was feeling cocky from my new found knowlege. Once the Dust seal was down and out of the way, the .004 feeler gage was able to fit right in the Oil seal. I cleaned the seal several times until the presence of grit subsided. I was really surprised with the amount the sand that I was removing from the seal lip. It must have been the several low side dismounts I experienced during my first season in the Dunes.

So, Thanks to all of you TT'ers that take the time to post your knowlege. This saved my Easter trip, and what I assumed would have been a big project of pulling the forks apart to replace a faulty seal.



Great save! It's probably a good idea to plan now for a seal replacement and bushing inspection/replacement after the trip.

I also ordered a pair of Seal Savers this morning. I have always run shock covers on my quads without this problem. I am hoping that the Seal Savers will add a bit of protection above the Dust seals.

With the seal savers, make sure you take them off after EVERY ride and clean under them. They can trap dirt if you dont. Other then that they are a great product!!


Thanks for the input.

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