yz 85 won't idle

How can I get my 2002 yz 85 to idle, it seems to run well with no plug fouling. It just won't sit and idle no matter how warm the engine, any sugestions ? or is this common:banghead:

More info? What have you tried? Most often, it's an air leak of some sort.

They are tuned not to idle so they cut off if you crash in a race. I had the same problem with mine and moved the clip up one notch on the needle(making it leaner) and it idles great now.

...or you could adjust the idle screw. I'm assuming a yz85 has one of those?

my yz is an o6 and it idols fine with no tuning

adjust air screw too because that's what tweaks your pilot jet which in turn dictates 0-1/4 throttle response (including idle). this assumes you have a air screw which I don't know why you wouldn't but I don't know that much about 85s.

I have tried messing with the mixture screw between races last weekend I made small improvement but the bike was then hard to start. guess it bothers me more than my daughter who actually rides the thing. She said she would rather have one kick start than an idleing bike. It's been a good 30 years since I messed with a smoker. I would like to have both if its possible.

Pilot could be too lean as well or simply just clogged.

just turn the idle up slightly

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