KLX140L, What do I need to know?

I'm going to buy a 140L and put it in my sons Easter basket. Boy will he be supprised! I've heard that they have jetting/starting issues. Has anyone come up with a solution? We ride areas from 0 to 4000', P.C., Forest Hll, georgetown...

He is going to love that bike. Just about the most fun bike I have ever ridden in the tight singletrack. I don't know what to change the jetting to as I have only been on a really modified 140 that Engines Only let me ride so they could get some test hours on a motor.

I was going to build another CRF150 for my youngest daughter but she is now getting a KLX140L (come on tax return).

There are reports of jetting issues but I have never ridden one before so I cant help too much. I suggest finding out what the stock jets are and go up a couple sizes on those.

they have a few carb issues, the jets are unique and not readily available, as are the pipes I am still waiting for my two brothers

He is going to love that bike. How are you going to fit it in an easter basket?

He is going to love that bike. How are you going to fit it in an easter basket?

I'm just going to put the basket in the middle of the living room floor and run the front wheel into it. He's almost 13 so the easter bunny has not made a stop here in a few years now. It will blow his mind!

I ride a 140L Its cold blooded - use the choke and let it sit and warm up for awhile before, once its warm its fine. Just cold blooded a bit. Excellent bike love it !

Got a two brothers pipe on mine, put in on and works like a champ! Make a big difference and it sounds 100% better :-)

See how it runs for a bit. Sometimes the plugs will foul but see what happens with it first. If jets are hard to get, there probably isn't much you'd want to change at this point anyway. At least until you can get some jets.

Good luck. Hope he was psyched!

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