Indy SX pics

Nice pics man!

Thanks, glad you liked em.


did you take those?



did you take those?

Yes, I did.

Wow. there really nice. I love to take photos too. I just started shooting some dirt bikes recently. I want to get more serious with it though. Ive been taking photos and shooting film with my friends for a long time. One of our movies just got picked up by a major distributor. Heres our web site check it out!!

cool site. Thatd be fun to photograph.

How about a few more?





Nice pics man!

awesome pics.

Great pics, the one of Rad Cheed looks awesome.

I think you need a better watermark, though. It's really easy to crop that out of the bottom of the picture... You should have it going across the middle. I'm just trying to look out for ya, make sure nobody steals your work.

Keep doing what you do!

Thanks guys, 'preciate it. Its not my watermark. It got automatically added when I uploaded them to another site and i was at work without software to edit them-but thanks for the look-out!

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