02 450 head pipe

i am a newbie at this site just to let you know. anyways i have a 2002 450 and the head pipe is cracked so do you guys have any suggestions as to what heap pipe i should replace is with. also the bolts to put the head pipe on are impossible to put on, i can get the top one on fine but the bottom on the welding for the frame gets in the way. so if you could help me with that i would greatly appericate it


Just buy a stock replacement for real cheap on ebay.


how do you get the bottom bolt on? would a thin wall socket fit or should i file down the weld?

you shouldn't have to do anything special.

i just use a ratchet & extension.

sounds like your pipe is pretty messed up.

ya maybe the split expanded the pipe

thanks for all your help

no problem.

you should check out ebay though.

I believe you can use an 02-04 head pipe. You may want to search around on this board for confirmation of that.

To get to the bottom nut, use a 1/4" drive ratchet, long extension and socket.

It easyily fits, that's how I always install and remove mine.

When I crushed my header, I also had to use a pry bar to pry the header away from the frame before I could get to the bottom nut.

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