1995 xr200r

I have a 1995 xr200r and I was changing the oil onw day and when i got done i accedently added a little too much and i started it and well it began to smoke so i fixed the oil to a good amount and it still didnt stop smoking so then i cleaned the air filter when i cleaned it and put it back in with the right amount of oil on it

and it still is smoking so i dont know what to do now. So and suggestions or advice for me. So please help me thanks!

drain all the oil out and put back in the correct amount. Take off the air filter and run it in the garage for a few minutes and see if the smoking stops.

Ride it for an 10 minutes or so and it should burn off any oil that was pushed into the cylinder. Saw and XR 100 do this. It took around 10 min until it stoped smokeing and was back to normal.

If it doesn't clear up, check the oil thats in there again. I just had the same thing happen on one of mine while messing with the jets in my carb. I put the bowl on the carb and stuck the float open in the process, which of course flooded everything with fuel, including some that ran down into the engine oil. I changed the oil and it cleared up after a little bit of running it. It's just another option to think about, but you said you only cleaned the filter, unless you went further into the carb I doubt this is your problem, but you never know! :confused:

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