What Bike is better?

Ok, I've been trying to do some research on an 08 crf450r and a 08 kx450f. I don't really go on the track much, i mostly just ride out in the desert with big hills and lil tracks n jumps. Which one do you think would be better for that?

Really its just pick a color.

But, i have had a honda and a kawasaki. Honda's are pretty nice, but they were not for me, i didn't notice much top end. Then i went on to a kawasaki, and i've never gone back. I love my kawasaki, nice power throughout all the powerband.

So, depends on if you like red or green. Just go with it.

i think the handling on the 08 honda's is much better than in the past and i've always liked everything about the honda's, but i don't have much experience on the new kawis but i've heard good things...i'd just go with the best deal.

yeah, people tell me how fat and heavy the kxf450 than the crf450 I dont know if thats true or not tryin to find out really

I think the old axioms hold true but I've not rode either bike, I think the kxf is still the design from the suzuki/kawasaki union, which would mean that the bike probably handles faster than the crf but the ref suspension is better for the open fast stuff.

I think you should pick who gives you the better dealer support, price etc, but perhaps if your riding buddies have the crf's, you might be able to swap stuff easier like oil etc

The KXF is all Kawasaki. No left over design from suzuki.

No need for two threads on the matter.

I want to get a kx450f later on and the people i ride with " Honda people" tell me not to and to get a crf 450r 08 cause its thinner and lighter than than the kx450f, how much fatter and heavier is the kx450f compare to the crf450r both 08's
But there's a reason the Honda wins almost every shootout.
Yeah, because they provide the most advertising support to those hosting the shootout.

How many times have you seen that Honda commercial with the kids playing a video game..."maybe someday kids will play you.."?

How many of those do you see from the other big names?

Your mindset makes it obvious that it is money well spent :confused:


Anyway, don't listen to advice like that! It's like reading online reviews of products. Everyone has an opinion but no ones opinion is going to match your tastes. Sit on both and decide which feels or looks better. That is the one you will be happier with.

You can't look at weight on paper. My KTM 2T is supposed to be heavier than my old CRF but is sure as hell doesn't feel that well. That CRF felt heavy (as does any 4T compared to a 2T...they're top heavy).

Buy what you want not what other people want!

You are talking about almost the exact same bike. You will not be dissatisfied with one over the other. You will modify either choose to suit your needs.

Ask yourself...

Which dealer is closer to your house?

Which dealer has more on-hand parts?

Which dealer has a better reputation?

Which dealer will give you a better price?

Which color do you like better?

Get a KTM

PFFFFFT-Yamaha Are you people on dope?

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