what will a larger rear sprocket do?

will it "stretch" first gear out a bit?

does it increase top speed or lower top speed?

does that mean it increases or decreases torque?


A larger rear sprocket will reduce top speed but increase rear wheel torque at the same road speed as RPM will increase. Either going down 1 tooth on the countershaft sprocket or up 3 teeth on the rear sprocket would get same results.

yeah, if you put a larger sprocket on the rear, you will actually "shrink" first gear, making it even more useless...

it took me a while to get the thinking right on that

yeah my first gear is already kind of worthless, I'm into 2nd pretty fast

a bigger rear(more teeth) will give you more acceleration and less top speed, one LESS tooth on the front will give you the about the same as three MORE on the rear.... if u ride mx and find ur gearing is to short then i would use a rear sprocket with less teeth then the one u have... if u ride tight single track like i do and do not reach flank speed very often i add teeth not only will u accelerate faster and u make ur gears stronger and that much harder to stall, plus u can lug at lower speeds ALOT better hope that helps

if I go 3 teeth bigger in the rear sprocket I'll need a feew extra chain links, right?

can those be bought separate? or do I need to get a whole other chain?

also will I run into problems with the lower chain guide towards the rear?

i used to run a stock sprocket (before i broke all the sprocket mounts off the rim) and my brother ran a larger aftermarket sprocket and i never really saw a difference besides the fact he could jump me in first. but i think tht a stocker works great for any riding as long as you keep the revs almost at the limiter lol. hmm maybe thats why my bike is useless now??

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