YZ 250 Front Fender

Is the 06 yz250 front fender different than the 05.. If so can you put an 06 front fender on an 05?

I think the bolt patterns are the same for many years. I put an '07 YZF front on my '98 YZ250 and it bolted right up. It didn't even look bad where the number plate meets the fender.

Yes the 06 front fender is different than the (stupid) 05 front fender. You can bolt up the 06 fender no problem. The 06 fender is more pointed looking and the 05 fender is more rounded. My 06 bike had a 05 fender on it and it drove me nuts after I noticed the difference.

06 was the new year front fender and front number plate if im not mistaking. it will bolt up it does have the same pattern.

The 06 front fender will bolt up perfectly clear back to the year 2002 bikes. I believe that was the year it went to the front plate mount being accessible from the top vs the front.

If I put on a 06 front fender do I also need to put on a 06 front number plate for everything to fit flush or can I leave my 05 number plate with the 06 front fender?

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