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How to fix up tired old footpegs for free

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Well, free if you can tig weld and have som strips of 3mm stainless sheetmetal:p

Here is how I did it:

Beadblast paint off from the peg. Cut strips in matching size to footpeg.

Clamp them on.


Start welding


It should look something like this


Both done


Grind them with an anglegrinder to rough shape, finish with a coarse square file.

Beadblast them again to remove burrs.

Time for paint


They are now 54 mm wide


Put them back on bike and enjoy those meatcleavers. Warning! Do not fall on this footpeg, it will hurt!



Sorry for crappy picture quality, only had my phone to take pictures with...

I´ve seen that Works Connection sells weld-on footpeg wideners, so if any of you want to do this you can always buy this stuff from them...

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i can TIG weld:applause: . and I have stainless scrap. i might have to do this some time!!

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