05 crf450x --- Best Exhaust

Looking for recommendations on exhaust for my 05 "X". Looking for the best HP gain and throttle response.....as are we all. Have already been recommended the FMF with the ""Megabomb" header...???:


I bought the Yosh TRC Comp full system for my 05' and I am very satisfied.But,MRD seems to be the system of choice around here!I would have gone that route,but I wasn't aware of MRD @ the time of purchase.I would give them a call.Very personable service:thumbsup:

MRD :confused:

I've got a Leo Vince full Ti system. does it make the biggest power???? it makes a lot more than stock. But what I like is the easy change inserts it comes with 4 of them whisper quiet, wide open, quiet spark arrested, and open arrested. It is three capscrews and 2 minutes to change. I like the flexibility and I have'nt managed to break it yet..my 2 cent

Looked for MRD exhaust systems and could not find it . Anyone have a web site address or contacts

Got a FMF Factroy 4.1 on my '06.....LOVE IT!!!

Dr D full stainless for max throttle response. Takes away a bit of top end and over-rev, so I added an R cam.

I've had good results with the CHM full system.

I have an FMF Ti Powercore and love it, couldnt believe the power gain from stock, that with the megabomb would be a nice combo, or go with the 4.1 carbon haha

MRD hands down the best:applause: :confused::excuseme:

The best exhausts are made by a guy named Dave in Riverside..

A.k.a. Mrd

chef mrd

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