Brake system question to smotard and others...

I got 2 SM 17" rims for my WR426F 2002.

What I do is put in 21/18 wheels every friday evening and 17/17 sunday evening as I drive my bike all week in the city.

My problem is the front brake, as in the 17" rim I feel it's not good enough. So I want to change it to stronger brake system (bigger disk, better calipers?), but as I want to use the same disk for off and on-route it must not be too big.

So I guess the question is what is the biggest disk suitable for off-route?

What are your ideas fellas?

Sabin the best thing to do here is fit a 320mm rotor and adapter bracket. That way you only have to take off the adapter bracket two bolts and your back to stock, Or you could fit a oversize rotor but you will need to buy two unless you want to keep moving the rotor from wheel to wheel.


I was thinking the same thing, but if using different brake disks in the same pads is this not going to be a problem as the different disks have different wearing?

If I change the disks, on the other hand how will 320 handle in the woods?

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