What transmission oil do you use? YZ250 2 stroke

Im looking around for the best tranny oil for my bike any input?? THANKS

There are many posts on this. I am using Castrol 4-stroke motor oil for convenience (i have 4 4-strokes in the garage).

In my son's YZ85 we used Mercron transmission fluid for a long time as recommend by a former Honda factory rider we tooks some lessons with. It really helps with clutch problems and it is very cheap at Walmart (~$7/gallon).

Rotella-T 15W-40


As posted above.....there are COUNTLESS post on oil on this site. Check out the "search" function and find all your answers on one page. :confused:

Pennzoil 10W30.

The key is, to change your tranny oil frequently and you won't have any problems.

No need to buy specialty motorcycle tranny oil either.

In my smoker I either run the cheap Valvoline ATV 10w-40 or ATF type F.

right now i use gear savor but im going to switch to rotella syn once i run out of the gear savor. ive been running rotella syn in my 450 and 250f also:thumbsup:

Maxima MTL racing

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