01 yz125 bad water pump or seal???

I was changing the oil after my last day at the track, and the oil was very milky. The radiator was a little low on fluid so I suspect a bad seal or the waterpump itself. Would I be ok just getting a new seal and what kind of install will this be.

Also, a seperate question so I dont start a new thread. The gasket or rubber o-ring behind the shift lever seems to be leaking a little oil. The bike sat for a while and it probably hardened. I think I remember somebody saying you can just pry it out, but I was hoping someone could confirm this. Thanks.

Well your in luck, both those fixes require the right side case to be removed.

The seal for the shifter can be pried out and replaced but you need to remove the shifter shaft which comes out on the right side. I don't recall right off if you can do this whithout removing clutch basket or not.

I have'nt replaced a water pump seal on the yz125 but once you get the right side case off and the water pump cover off it should be fairly self explantory as how to get the pump impeller off to get to the seal.

There is a nut on the front side of the impeller and a flat on the shaft on the back side to hold so you can loosen and remove the impeller. There are acually two seals and you might want to replace both of them while your there.

water pump impeller is just a 6 point socket away from coming off, thats not too complicated a change but make sure and do both the seals on the water pump for sure.

when you say the seal behind the shift lever is that on the same side as the pump on a 125? not sure my 250 is on the left side

The shift lever is on the left side but pulls out from the right side. It runs all the way through.

Thanks alot guys! Thats some really helpful information.:confused:

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