'04 CR125 Spitting Oil

I just got my first 2 stroke and I have a question regarding oil coming from the exhaust. There is quite a bit of oil (like running drips) coming from the joint between the silencer and expansion chamber.

First off, is this at all normal?

Second, if not (I assume), could it be soley because the bike has been sitting for 6 months and the gas/oil mix has separated and the oil is being shoved out of the engine in mass quantities?

And lastly, what should the joint between the expansion chamber and silencer look like? Mine has a little rubber thing, but the joint isn't "secured" really. Is that normal?

Thanks for your help,


Drain that old gas out. Pump fuel is bad enough when fresh, I would never run any over a month old. Make sure you have a clean air filter also.

I would suggest cleaning the carb and repackign the silencer also. While you have the carb apart you can see what jets are in there. Do a search on jetting and 125 here and you will get some recomendations to get you in the ballpark.

Thank you so much for your help. I'm not used to the whole "change everything each time you ride" as I have been til now a street bike guy.

So forgive this newbie question, but is there an easy way to drain the gas or do I have to pump it out through the cap?

It is common of the pipe silencer joint to leak but can easily be fixed. It is a mess when they leak as it goes all behind the brake line etc.. Do what nwetrider said and after I have my silencer off I clean that rubber joint really good and make sure there are no cuts/cracks. After re-assembly I take two zip ties and tighten it down as well. My 250 was leaking still and I replaced the fitting and no leaks now. Good jetting helps and there will be a lot of residual oil in the pipe. Also while you are at it see those two hoses on the left side of the bike that come off the top front of the motor, one has a plug and the other is open. The one with the plug is a drain for black goop that is leaking out of the silencer. On one of my 125's this was almost full, just take that plug out and drain it. Wear rubber gloves too.

To drain gas either take the tank off and pour it out the cap or just unhook the gas line where it goes into the carb and drian from there. Either way you need to unhook the gas line.

On the rubber boot that goes between the silencer and pipe, I do the zip ties as raisrx251 suggest but also use some silicone. That is the only way I can get it perfectly sealed but the zip ties get most of it.


These are excellent bikes and built with the highest quality. A couple of points for you to consider; first of all you don't know how old the pre-mix is and you don't know what kind of oil he was running. Fresh fuel (premium) and good quality pre-mix oil is a great place to start. You also probably don't know what main or pilot jet you have or where the needle is set. The little rubber connector/sleeve is normal and it does the job.

We experienced the same conditions on my son's '04 CR125. I went to a 360 main, a 35 pilot and the 3rd slot on the needle. Runs GREAT and it quit puking oil out everywhere. We normally ride below 1000' elevations. Amazingly, we still have not ringed it yet. There are alot of guys on this forum like NWetRider, Joe Chod, Norm and others that have a lot of experience with the 125s and we all will be glad to help you out.


'06 WR/CR250

'04 CR 125

You guys are awesome. Thanks for the info.

Is there a place to get a service manual for Huskys? That would help for other maintenance.

As a newbie to this arena, I don't quite understand jetting, but why would one change the factory jet sizes if they're at sea level?

As you mentioned, you went to a 360 main jet which is 40 off of the stock 400. Seems like quite a jump and I don't know understand the benefit. Can someone explain?


jetting is the process in determining the correct air/ fuel/oil mixture that reaches your cylinder in order to get the best/most power while still maintaining good lubrication.

here is a link to a better albeit long explanation


As a baseline find out your jetting: your pilot, main, needle and clip position and air screw setting.

Then you can address where the issue is coming from and adjust it accordingly:thumbsup:

Since your bike is used it would be good to find out what the previous owner was running as far as oil ratio type of gas and when the last top end was done, then you can proceed to choose your own ratio and type of gas to run, and jet it accordingly.

Bono only dropped his main 4 positions, the increments are in ten, before i switched carbs I ran a 370 in mine and am at sea level. As for the benefits they vary for everyone depending on the conditions and riding style, ie if you fix your mid pipe connection and are still getting oil out the silencer then you may be able to lean your jetting out to get it crisper and cleaner( no spooge) I know this is a lot of information, but take it in stride jetting is good to know and is very much a trial and error process.

Hi , yes- jetting it for your circumstances/location would be my advice.

the only thing nobody seems to have covered is are you running the standard Husqvarna pipe ,if it's aftermarket (pro-circuit) etc. the jetting will probably have been changed for MX racing use, - if youre new to 2 strokes you may not be WFO often enough to get the excess fuel + oil burning off.

try and ask a Husky deal in your general area to advise on a good baseline.

My 125 was 40 over the top on the jets when I bought it , and was really covered in spooge - much cleaner now.

hope this helps, Charlie

If you are ridding the bike slowly it will spooge.

If you are riding fast in open terrain the spooge is reduced because the exhaust stays hot.

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