Age old tire question

Currently run a d606 on my TE510, not happy, I need a DOT tire since I ride roads sometimes. The problem I have with the D606 is agressive cornering on dirt, the bike wants to slide out on me, I think the knobbs are to big and dont bite on the corners. What would you recomend????????

What tire pressure you running?

FWIW, I have a 07 TE450, Mich S-12 front and rear with moose heavy duty tubes, 10lbs rear 12lbs front, ride mostly dirt but ride blacktop to get to it.

I have run higher pressures and hated it. I know they are not DOT approved but I have never had my tires checked......ever.

I run a Pirelli MT16 on the rear and a Scorpion Pro (or S12 would do) up front. Screw the DOT rating, you want a dirt tire. If you MUST have a DOT rear, the Kenda Trackmaster II has a following......

TE510 as well running the M-16, I also have never been checked or questioned...ever!

If your dead set on using a DOT tire I hear the Pirelli MT21 works well, aleast alot better than a 606. (everything is better than a 606)

what size are you running? I have the 130-90-18, no rubbing issues, and a 90-90-21 in front

The Mt-21 is very predictable on the road.

And I agree with the other guys- I have never had the tires checked for a DOT rating either, so I don't worry one bit about it anymore. I buy strictly for off-road performance, especially since I try to limit my pavement miles to zero if I can with knobbies. That's what SM wheelsets are for...

If I did a lot of dualsporting, it would be different. Well, I would have gotten a 610 instead, but it would still be different.

Kenda Trackmaster rear is DOT and even though it looks like is was designed in the 70's it works very well and lasts nice. I like the Trackmaster rear and Bridgestone M59 front. Love that combo. But, i ride primarily loam and mud (soft conditions) so this might not be that great for you depending on what stuff you ride.

I agree with Ride, I accidentially ordered track master rears once and had to use them for moto, surprisingly they worked very well.

Check out the Kenda Parker DT, its a new tire, It's DOT. I put a 90/100-21 on my 07 TE-450 front, and its the best front tire I have ever had, DOT or not. I really don't care on my bike if it is DOT . I just use the road to get to another trail. I run the Kenda front and a IRC M5B rear, very Happy with the combo.

I was very happy with Michelin AC-10's on my drz.

Just brought my brand new TE510 home today. HATE the Michilin Enduro Competition III tires on it for the road. Like grease in the corners. I ordered a Pirelli MT21 for the rear. It is not the most agressive off road tire, but it far superior in road stability than the Pirelli Scorpions or the Michilin Enduro Comps. I used the Pirelli MT21s on my DRZ and TE250 and found them exceptional as an all around tire.

IRC M5B rear, very Happy with the combo.

:confused: That's all I ever ran on the rear of my bikes when I was competing in enduro's heavily. Didn't last long for me, but man did they work when new.

Come to think of it, every time I left the starting line it was new:ride: Dunlop 990 up front.........miss that tire....

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