Hey everyone. Just got the 2002 WR426F about a month ago. Its been about 20 years since I rode and some guys at work gave me the bug again. After break in I took it to Chadwick, Missouri with them and OMG. It was the most fun I have had in a long time. I rode at the back of the line most of the time as my riding skill needs a lot of de-rusting. The hills there are so much fun. I have never been riding in hills like that before. Here in Houston we don't have anything close and 20 years ago I wasn't into trail riding. Just Motocross. I haven't changed anything on "The Mighty Beast" yet and doubt that I will unitl my riding comes up a couple of levels. I have learned so much in just a couple of weeks of reading the posts on here. Enough to keep me busy for awhile. Well I hope I haven't been to boring to everyone, just wanted to say hey.

fiveoh141 - Welcome.

There are a bunch of houston area TT'ers. I know you have a WR, but come on out to the local tracks - Splendora, Highlands, 3 Palms for some fun.

3 Palms has a woods track, Splendora is just great, and Highlands day track is really "old school" MX with only one steep jump.

PM me or email at if you want/need directions to anything local.


Welcome to fountain of youth. After a dry spell myself, I too am enjoying being back out there again. Good luck and be safe.

Pete :)

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