CA OHV Grants program meetings

Found this on another forum:

March 18, 2008

Dear Interested Party,

The Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Division will be holding public meetings in Ontario, Fresno, and Sacramento during the month of April, 2008, to discuss ways of improving the process for administering the OHMVR Grants program. You are cordially invited to join us in these discussions.

Each meeting will consist of two days, with each day covering two topics of discussion, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, for a total of four topics over the two days. The four OHV topics to be discussed will be the four grant funding categories: Law Enforcement, Restoration, Operations and Maintenance, and Safety and Education.

To register, please contact the Division office at (916) 324-4442, or email . Please register at least ten business days prior to the meeting. Note that you do not have to attend both days of any meeting. For example if your interest is only Law Enforcement, you may choose to only attend the first morning of the first day.

These meetings are the first step in developing new regulations governing the OHMVR Grants program. If you wish to participate in the process, but are unable to attend one of these sessions, there will be additional opportunities in the near future for input and public comment.



Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program


A follow up message from Allen:

The dates are as follows.

April 10-11 Ontario

April 15-16 Sacramento

April 25-26 Fresno


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CERA...assistant LAO

and what is your experience with how this info gathered is then used, not used, later in the actual process of doing something?

and what is your experience with how this info gathered is then used, not used, later in the actual process of doing something?

For 2008-2009, there will be $26 million available through the OHV Grants program. The way it will be dispersed has changed this year thanks to the passage of SB742. Federal funding for recreation on BLM and USFS lands has been and continues to be very limited. Therefore, they will be looking to our OHV funds to help maintain OHV recreation. The anti-access folks will also be trying to access these funds. What type of projects would you prefer the funds go to?

You might want to read through SB742 that was passed last year. You will see some major changes that it made in the way the OHV program will be run.

Part of the process in making the regulations is getting public input. Getting concerns and ideas from the public will help to shape the new regulations.

The OHV Grants regulations will spell out the criteria that must be met to submit a competitive grant request. The 2007-2008 grants criteria was a major change from previous years and was a very good improvement. We, the OHV community, would like to see the process go forward in a manner that will continue to provide sustainable OHV recreation.

OHMVR Division has already taken some writen comments from the public and may have a draft of new grant regulations. If so, these may need to be tweaked, added to, or eliminated, to attain our goals.

Attending the meetings or at least submitting your concerns is like voting. If you don't put forth any effort, don't complain about the results.

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