edge for offroad riding

Im curious as to how well the edge tail light holds up to offroad riding, i have an aceribis tail light now which has a bit of a mud flap that came with the bike when i bought it, but always liked the looks of the edge. just wondering if i would miss the one i have now for extra mud protection. btw i searched and couldnt find the answers i was looking for.

Stock, the Edge being fairly minimalist, I imagine will become mud covered. That said, I m putting one on my Yamaha WR that is plated as the lens shape is real close to the tip of the fender (Not as nice as the stock light, but it has no plate bracket or plate lights). You could use some thin sheet aluminum between the back of the light and your plate to fill in the gap or, take it a step further and make the plate substantial enough to use to attach your license plate to. You could remove the lower portion of the Edge bracket (only fits Japanese plates) and end with a fairly professional design. Think about it.

I have the edge rear light and doesn't really get that covered in mud maybe just the plate a little more so but overall very happy with the light especially the way it looks.....Basically the only time I'm on road is going to the trails...all my riding is off road

I ride off-road all the time. I keep my parts stock because all the guys buying edge and other after market lights normally let their old stockers go cheap.

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