Paging ForceTen

ForceTen, Was it you who lives north of Anoka and commented about seeing a track in a field towards St. Francis?

ForceTen, Was it you who lives north of Anoka and commented about seeing a track in a field towards St. Francis?

That is probably me...

I live in Elk River.

Mr. Forceten, AKA Shawn, lives in Forrest Lake.

Is St. Francis off of I-94 between Rogers & St. Cloud ?

Someone, I don't remember who, lived north of Anoka on either 47 or 7 and said they passed by a farm house with a motocross track on it. I looked through the old posts, but couldn't find it. Anyway, I was just wondering if they had an opportunity to stop in and see if we could maybe use it.

St. Francis is north of Anoka on C.Rd. 47.

Mr. Shifty450 (my neighbor) ?

Maybe. Anyone? Bueller?

It was probably me commenting on my of my various trips through the northern part of the cities. My son has wrestled at tournaments in St. Francis, and I remember seeing a small track or two on one of the roads leading to St. Francis high school. Didn't look too bad, but I've never seen anyone there. Maybe a kid's track for 85's? Dunno.

I've found a couple over here on the east side, but need to get the nerve up to stop and ask the people if they would mind letting me ride there occasionally in exchange for maintenance of the track. Many people won't accept money/items as it could come back to haunt them in possible legal issues.

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