How does the JD JETTING kit perform on the 300 XC?

I need to re-jet my new 2007 300 XC and all the jets I have are too large; therefore, I need to purchase all new jets for my new toy. Before I run off to my local cycle shop and place an order I am considering a JD JETTIN KIT for KTM. I purchased a JD KIT for my YAMAHA WR250F (which I traded in for my KTM) and ended up going back to the stock jetting. I could never get it to run the way I needed it to run. I am also condidering a FMF JETTING KIT but I have not seen any reviews on the FMF KIT. Jost asking for someone's 2 cents. :confused: I also posted this on the KTM 2-S thread.

What areas of the stock jetting are causing problems? I have an '04 which was easily fixed.

Tell me more!!

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