Help with what to get kids.

Ok in Christmas of 2006 I bought my little boy (he was 2.75 years old then and he's 4 now) one of those Chinese 50's. Well actually they sent a 70cc. At the same time my parents bought my sons cousin (he's almost 6 now) an old JR50 to ride when they're both over there.

Well my son is already bored of the ATV. He can run it wide open and slide it around and jump it. I have the throttle limit screw all the way out and he keeps asking me if it'll go faster. Since he's bored of the ATV he's been riding his cousin's jr50 (which is really clapped out now). He loves it. First time on it was his first time on a 2wheeler and he went straight for the jump. He's fearless and he's already doing no handers and no footers that his cousin showed him. The JR50 is still kind of slow for him but it is old and I don't know how fast they are supposed to be normally.

My parents have showed interest in buying them both new bikes and I'm wondering what direction I should point them in. I know my boy will be bored with a pw50. I was thinking a crf50. He's not ready for a clutch yet but I do want him to have a gear selection. I know his main goal is wanting to jump so I don't want to get anything with an inadequate suspension. Keep in mind he is fearless so I don't want to get something he is bored with in a few months. My parents have 150 acres of land and trails and my dad is going to try to make a mini track on there. He been dying to use his new CAT skid steer (me too.) There is also a MX practice track about 3 miles from there where I will take my bike and I'm sure they will take theirs also.

I have no idea what to tell them to get my nephew. I think he's ready for something with a clutch. He's really good on the JR50 and he throws it around like a toy. I think he might need something bigger than a 50 but I haven't looked in so long I don't know how fast any of the smallish bikes are anymore. I looked at someone's crf80 and it looked just a little too big for him. Is there anything in between?

depending on how tall he is, get him one of these

or these

they both have good suspention, i have seen my little brother jump the bigger SX over a 40 foot double, so they can take it.

at his age i would get him the taller bike and let him grow into it, it doesn't sound like he get's discouraged easily, the next step in 3 years time would be a 65.

Or take a look at the KTM Adventure lineup. They are the air cooled models of the SX. If you're not going to race, and don't need a full out race bike, I hear the clutches on those things dont take too much abuse.

I'd steer away from the KTM's (I don't know about the adventures) while they are great bike they require a good bit of setup and maintenance. They are probably not what you are looking for for riding around the farm.

The CRF50 or TTR50 sound great for your kid, maybe a DRZ70 for the other one (or both of them).

thanks for the replies. He (my kid) got a new crf50 today. It's perfect for him. We looked at a crf70 for his cousin. He might get it next weekend.

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