Enduro racing on the YZ450F

I have been racing a number of the RMEC enduros on my WR426 and having a blast. I am considering selling my current bike and trying the YZ450F. Can anyone tell me their views/experiences on racing/riding the 4 speed tranny on trails? Also, what mods, if any, would be needed? Thanks.


While I don't have the 450. I do have the YZ-426. My riding partner has a WR and we have traded bikes quite ofter.

What I can tell you is the YZ's tranny has a much taller 1st. & 2nd. gear. This makes the tight stuff a bit more techinecal to ride for my YZ. If the area you ride in is more open then the woods here in the North West the YZ would be the way to go. But... if tight woods are the "norm" then I would wait for the 2003 WR.

However, you can always get a flywheel weight for the YZ to help equilize the tall gearing. From all the guys here on TT that have added the weight thay all say its a big improvment.

Lots of luck making up your mind. :D:)

I have ridden the YZ 450. It is no trail bike. Great mxer. To much work on tight trails. Runs out of gears fast. Little gas tank. Good if you like rocketing between corners and killing the engine when braking. Little to no flywheel effect. To make the YZ a good enduro bike would not be cost effective. Wait for the WR.

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