fptmotocross track renovated

Just wanted to drop a line about the changes to fptmotocross track. The track has been reversed and also a lot of jump changes have been done.This track is designed with the smallest to the biggest in mind. There are jumps over 100 feet long{tabletop}and one or two only 5 to 10 feet long. It seems to be faster than it was{other direction} but is still safe. Being located in columbus,north carolina right beside a creek, it is mostly sand with some red dirt. the track is groomed almost daily{always on the weekend}. If you have any questions just drop a line.

Hey Matt we always just called your place "Matts", whats the fpt stand for.

Foothill practice track aka fpt,clever for a motocrosser huh

Yeah, not too bad.

The other day I was chewing gum and walking at the same time. :confused:

If I don't make it there with the YZ this Saturday, I may come by with some other buds on our supermoto's to say Hi and maybe do a lap or two.

Can you say "slicks in the sand"?

I'll have the video camera ready,ha,ha godd luck.

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