Rear wheel axle advice?

Hello all, a nice easy question for you. Ive just picked up some SM wheels on the way to work and ive noticed that the rear axle is different to my S one as there are no snail adjusters at the end. Can I fit the sm wheel to my bike using the S axle or does this mean getting a new swing arm or hub as well? Pretty sure the wheels are from an E bike.

Got sm forks for the front so no problem mounting the brake caliper, but what about the rear, should I just take the brake disc from my s wheel and put it onto the sm wheel, or is there an easier way around this? (buy a new rear brake disc I suppose)

Thanks for any advice.

Now have some spare s forks and wheels that could do with a new home in the UK. :confused:

It fits fine. I ride an S with S axles and stock SM wheels.


The important thing to remember here is that the hubs are the same on both bikes. So despite the differences of anything that bolts to the hub, like sprockets, rotors and axles...they are interchangeble in that respect.

I have an S with Excel Talons and use S axles all the time.

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