please help the newb

i just got a DRZ400S and need some info. i have a lot of questions and figure instead of a bunch of separate posts i'd combine all my question to save time.

i don't have a lot of money, but i want to get everything started off on the right foot.

i figure to get started i need: engine case guards, hand guards, skid plate, and radiator guards

are there any other mods or add-ons i should be concidering? if so what are they and how do you do them. please remember i don't really know anything about this but i'm trying to learn all that i can so that i get it right.

also if it helps i plan on riding on and off road and don't want to do a bunch of changes everytime i decide to hit the trails or go back to road riding.

any advise would be GREATLY appriciated.

Well, having a laundry list and no money is a issue. time for creativity. You may not be able to get the best parts.

Case savers, only place to get them really is the TT store, have to buy them new.

Other parts you may find in the TT classifieds or on Ebay. You never know unless you look.

Protecting your investment when on a shoestring is very wise, Good going!

Once you have that squared away, you may find you need to 'fit' the bike you your body and style. May want or have to do springs.

Eventually, you will ant more power, sadly, that dost cost real money and little wiggle room.

Hope this helps a little. :confused:

Case savers, only place to get them really is the TT store

Don't forget CFC, they were selling on eBay. I did do a quick search and found a set real cheap.

get some good knobbies on her

a good set of of dirt capable tires IS a place to start... rad guards, case savers, etc. would be a good place if you run trailwings off road

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