yamaha suspension bearing source

Somewhat of a crosspost from my wr250 forum, but does anyone have an online bearing source for yamaha's rear suspension? The local dealer says they carry a hefty price OEM.

I know pivot works sells kits, but I'm not looking for everything: just the rocker bearings. Thank you.

Moose has them separate as well but I think they are mfg'd buy Allballs:excuseme:

Look in the phone book under bearings for a local bearing supplier. Bring the bearings you need and they can match them up for you. Brands like SKF, Fafnir, FAG, NTN, Timken, NICE, Torrington, and RBC are all high quality bearings. They will cost less than the OEM bearings at the dealer and be equal if not better quality. You want bearing that are made in the USA, Japan or Germany. The bearings Pivot Works, All Balls, and Moose sell in there kits are made in China and are lower quality than OEM. Another after market bearing kit supplier that might be worth looking into is ProX. According to there website there bearings are made in Japan by O.E. manufacturers.


Wow! Thanks to all for the help!

Like speedracer said , find a local outlet, way better price and quality are assured, besure to bring your old stuff so the can mic it out, good luck


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