Best innovation?

OK this one is highly debatable! What do you think is the best innovation on bikes so far to date. It can be anything! Lets hear what you got to say! I'll start by saying...



Electric start on dirtbikes (says the middle aged guy...)

Electric start on dirtbikes (says the middle aged guy...)
I was going to say the same thing for the same reasons but I could think of so many other things so I left it blank.LOL

Easy-open beer cans and coolers with wheels.


All of those are great. I'm going to say the Rekluse clutch.

Long travel suspension

mono shock by Yami

Cartridge fork dampers.


suspension. both suspension in general and the advancements in the last 10 years. The engines and other advancements are worthless in an offroad bike without the suspension.

I think its got to be Fuel Injection! :confused:


Disc Brakes .

Cup holders.

Aluminum Chassis.

liquid cooling hands down

Disc Brakes .

+1! :confused:

Disc Brakes .

Used to hate stream crossing Disk Brakes +1

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