Paddle tire suggestion - How many?

Hey all, I have a yz426 and I am going to make my first trip to Silver Lake, MI in a couple weeks. I am going to put on a paddle before I go but I am not sure what to get. Mainly, how many paddles do I want? 8, 10, 12? I am 240 lbs, the bike has the airbox lid off, WB full system and re jetted to match. The gearing is stock im pretty sure. Also this bike is a 5 speed, i have heard that some 426's were 4 speeds, but Im not sure on that.

I was told by one person that 250's and 450's should have an 8 and 500's should get the 10. I have drag raced a yz 250 on dirt roads and up Bull Gap hill and I won everytime, so it would seem to me that the 426 has a bit more power than a 250, especially since I was probably 80lbs heavier than the guy on the 250.


the 8 is perfect trust me and you actually want tire spin, it helps not bog the motor down, and keep the front end light which is key in sand riding

the rule of thumb is like this, 125 2t and 250 4t have a six cup, 250 2t through 450 4t 8 cup (maybe 10 if your bike is bad ass) and 500 2t need a 12 cup.

Go with the 8. On a side note the YZ never had the airbox lid. The provisions are there, because it is the same box for a WR, just without the lid. To the best of my knowledge, no production 426's had a 4 speed tranny. Have fun!

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