Cooling Fans for 05-07 TE

I want to get a fan on my 07 Te510 this year.

Does the euro 3 fan fit the non euro bikes with a IMS 3.4 tank?

Do the US dealers have part numbers and access to the euro 3 parts?

Would I be better off buying an after market and making it fit?

Sorry if this is a repeat, I did search for about an hour and didn't find the answers I needed.


I used the fan from the 610, got it from Motoxotica. Dan knows what you'll need if you call. Not sure if it'll work with that tank as I have a stock tank. I am sure somebody will speak up shortly:thumbsup:

That's what I was looking for. Someone who tried the fan with an IMS 3.4 and found it didn't work. Thanks ckpc and fuel for you.

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