Bubba's Whip Has Been Put to Shame.


“We’ve been producing TransWorld Motocross Magazine for over eight years now, and up to the point, this is the biggest whip we’ve ever managed to capture on film (or memory card).”


Yeah boy.


Over 50 views and only 1 reply?! Some Bubba fans must be truely butthurt right about now.

damnnnnnn :confused::excuseme:

Don't know that puts Bubba's whip to shame but, DAMN!!!

that is sweet. i dont know if anything 'puts Stewart's to shame' but he does have it pulled upside down alittle more than James. both are sick tho.

That's crazy.

which way is he going? away from the picture or into it?

Away... Obviously haha.

lol bubbas whip to shame?? must have not watched that video then

lol bubbas whip to shame?? must have not watched that video then

omg lyke bubba is amazing. gosh he is so awesommme.

chuck carothers

damn thats crazy

That video was horrible. He sucks.

I really hope you did not say Bubba sucks.

woah! thats insane :confused:

Away... Obviously haha.

thats what i had thought, thats why i don't think its anywhere near bubbas. If he was coming out of the screen, then it would be a whole lot more awesome. just sayin.

thats not that big:p

That video was horrible. He sucks.

Misfit watch your tone of voice on here,he eats reedy alive :confused:

I do have to say that whip is bigger than anything ive seen bubba do though.

Holllllly Mackrel

I was wondering when some one would post up that.


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