Help XR650R at 5-6k feet!

Just bought a de-restricted (pro circuit slipon) XR650R. It has a 172 main and 68 pilot. Me thinks these are too big for my altitude of 5-6 k feet where I normally ride.

What should I be looking at switching these to? I was thinking a 162 main and 65 pilot.

Also, how do I get the darn needle out of the carb so I can see waht position it's in?

its deresticted air box and manifold wise as well?

stock pilot jet is 62?

Yes derestricted via airbox and manifold.

I was out and about town and bought a 65 pilot and 165 main. Do you think that's a good place to start?

main jet will need to be more like 158.65 pilot jet should be fine.confirm with the idle reaction to the fuel screw.

Would it be safe to say then that a similiarly prepped XR 600R would use similiar jet sizes as the 650? Or how would it be different?

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