baseline jetting for klx300 with fcr

I have a 2007 klx250s that has a 300 cylinder and piston, full muzzy exhaust, high flow air filter, no air box lid, and the backfire screen removed. I recently got a used low mileage fcr35 carb that originaly was setup from jerry at fsw. I am looking for some baseline settings for the jetting before I put the carb on the bike. I am at around 800-1000 above sea level and the temps are cool to mild right now(45-65 f) but in the summer goes up to 90 with higher humidity. Is there anything else I should look for on the carb before I put it on? Thanks for you time.

i basically need a run down of the current jetting to be able to get you going.

The weather finally warmed up and I got the carb mounted on the bike. The mods are still the same as above and it was around 60 degrees. Current setup in carb





Mian air jet-200

F.S.-1.5 out

Pilot air screw-1.5 out

I had also put the collar on it for the taffy mod. I didn't have a vid camera to time it but the stopwatch said between .8 and 1 second of squirt.

The bike had a major bog from off idle when it was closed to a fast opening, so much I thought it was going to die. If I feathered in the throttle or was slow to open it it would get past this spot and then seem to run pretty good.

I also noticed that after riding it and then coming to a stop it would take a little while to idle down. If it was sitting in neutral and throttled it would instantly return to idle.

I did also take the allen key with me to play with the collar for the taffy mod some. Adding more or less fuel didn't seem to make a difference in the off idle bog. Putting the collar down to almost no squirt maybe helped a little but I am not sure.

Any help from here would be appreciated. Thanks

I made a couple of changes today current jetting





Fuel Screw-1.5

Main Air Jet-200

Pilot Air Jet-1.0

Taffy Mod still around 1 sec.

The bog is still there from closed throttle to opening very fast. It did get better than before but not by much.

It still also takes a little while to get back to idle but now I need to crack the gas slightly and then it will back down.

Am I going in the right direction? I am going to need to order some different jets. Any suggestions on what I should change. This is my first time dealing with a fcr(and very limited carb experiance before that).

Thanks for your time.

I'll try giving the squirt some more.

I can't check the pilot circuit with the bike running. The klx250s has an e-start on it. The float bowl practicaly sits on it.

then you will never be able to set the pilot circuit properly.

got a picture of how close it is?

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