reliability and off road capability

I might get a 99 dr 650 dual sport

how is the reliablity.

are they comparablr to a xl 600 / 650 off road


I built my DR 650 onto a desert racer with very few mods. I don't race profesionally but I do push hard. The bike survived an entire season with only needing a set of fork seals. Which any bike will need if you ride the desert hard. So reliability is awesome, I wish my other bikes were as simple and tough as the DR. Mods to make it better for the dirt? How hard do you want to push it? look on here and you'll find tons of info about modding from a basic trail rider to one like mine.

Stock for stock, the XL is a bit better for the dirt. As Shannon mentioned though, a few mods easily make the DR just as good or better.

As for reliability, you will be VERY hard pressed to find anyone that has a bad thing to say about the DR in that regard. The bike is as bullet proof as you're ever going to find.

For the good things, like air cooled, unbeatable power and longevity, available stock and modified parts, low and lower seat height, cost, and versitility the DR650 is unbeatable IMHO. These things have been made since what, 1992. Each one can be a low cost dirt bike, motard, dual sport or many combinations. Stock, they are the best for the money, full engine size dual sport around. By watching these threads you can make your scooter into whatever you want, unlike any other make. The people contributing to the DR threads are amazing, from all over the world. Good luck, enjoy.

I got my stock 2000 dr 650 for about 2 grand used... i put just over a 1 grand in mods and my bike hauls ass in the dirt, i can keep up with and go anywhere where my Drz/yamaha/honda xrs buddies go and probaly get there just a little more comfortable too!!!! :confused:

Mine is a 1996 and I bought it last summer and it came with brand new knobby tires front and back. I did not have my bike license yet so I stuck offroad for most of last summer. It did not disappoint me one bit and i came off of a TTR250 heavily modded and was fast in the woods. I have more street oriented tires on it now and can still do offroad but just not as crazy fast as before. Buy the DR and don't look back.

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