YOUR custom race ready Pitster Pro

Since we build complete custom bikes,and we have frames, wheels,engines etc. and we are also distributors for many of your favorite parts and components suppliers, We feel that YOU should be in charge of YOUR custom race ready Pitster Pro race bike!!

Tell us what you want in a bike, no limit to options.

We will add or build any engine combination (It is your bike you decide who will build your engine) be it a standard 150 all the way up to any combination you can think of. Bore ,stroke, TB heads, cams, carbs intakes.

The exhaust can be Pitster , FMF or another option? you choose.

we can also have your bike dyno tuned and ready with not only a Dyno sheet from Dyno sport, but a personal video of YOUR bike and it's numbers!!

We will start with the Pitser x4 frame (about any color you want), ad your engine combo, select the forks and the custom tuning from pros like Velocity. Be it Marzzocchis or GPX,. Then we will select the shock DNM,Elka etc.

This is where it gets good, You can even option wheels (standard, X4R billets, excel) and tires!! Any brand you feel suits where you ride.

Handle bars, why be stuck with one or two choices, remember we are custom building YOUR bike not ours. tell us what you like, it's on there.

grips (anybrand) levers and controls ,, you decide, standard , X4R, Asv, Etc.

Chain and sprockets, that is up you ,even sprocket colors.

we will even offer plastic in any off the shelf color! along with YOUR own custom decals!

Some may ask? Why not buy a Pitster Pro X4R and just do that myself? You can, but you will buy alot of stuff that you might not want and need to then sell it or have it laying around? Because we are buying so many parts at a time we can assemble the bike witout taking off any part not needed , so you don't buy tires wheels engines, carbs etc. twice!

We can also add some of our own parts you cannot get anywhere else.

Now we know everyone cannot get in on a custom built Pitster, and we are happy to help you with your project, But this will be for the guys(gals) that want control over about every aspect of their custom race ready Pitster Pro-NCC race bike.

We feel we are offering an opportunity to have the best turn key Pitster Pro personal race bike on the market!! YOUR bike should be able to run with the big dogs !!


Email me at

do u have a website?

do u have a website?

Thats a cool idea! Forward thinking. I may have to stop by the shop on a trip back to the ole stomping grounds.

Thats a cool idea! Forward thinking. I may have to stop by the shop on a trip back to the ole stomping grounds.

Very cool!!! We just tested the pipe adapter kit tonight, VERY NICE SET UP!!! cant wait to see the other new stuff from NCC:applause:

ncci think this is awsome, i was just wondering would you sell me a pitster pro rolling chasis for the motor i just bought.. and what would be the price for the complete rolling chasis with no engine? pm me if you cannot post the price, i want the gpx forks and the pitsterpro exhaust. thanks...miniman

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