Attn Ssr Race Bike Owners!!!!

owners who own the more expensive ssr race bikes, can you please take some calipers and measure your spokes, i need to figure out what size spokes my bike has. ssr aparently used HD and non HD spokes on SB-A's so can someone please measure what size spokes they have and let me know what bike you have, and please, race bikes only. not entry level bikes.

Hey DP,

You really should rebuild the wheel with all new spokes. There should only be two different sizes one size for the right and one for the left. If the wheel doesn't have a lot of dish, they may all be the same. You should be able to remove two more spokes, one on each side and get the lengths and call Buchanan spoke and wheel and they will get you the right stuff.

Anyone else who has an SSR would actually have to take spokes off their bike to get the length. You want the whole length including what is inside the spoke nipples. You can't accurately measure on the bike.

I posted a link in your other thread on where to get the SSR HD spokes dp.

4mm on my 140tx it was advertised as having HD spokes.

I'm sorry, you just asking about the thickness?? Again, if you call buchanan, and tell them the wheel size and application, they can probably tell you what is appropriate.

thanks nick, thats what i was looking for!!!

that spoke company chirioder wont help me out, ssr sells two kinds of spokes, i just wanna make sure i order the right ones!!

Well that makes sense then. I thought you were nuts expecting someone to be able to tell you the right length. I'm really surprised Buchanan can't help. I had heard they did pitbike sizes. Well, glad you got the info you needed.

they do, however, they dont do the same bend and band size i need.

i used them for my sm wheels on my dr and drz

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