Sprained wrist question....

My son had a greenstick fracture of Ulna back in October, and he just sprained the same wrist about a week and a half ago, March 8. My question is, how long before he should ride again? He's been wearing a brace, and doesn't have much pain anymore, just with twisting. Also, are there any good braces out there for the wrist? Should he wear one?

Where I was a orthopaedic resident, we had a sign in the ER- THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SPRAINED WRIST!

Nothing can be truier, especially in MX- a sprained wrist is an occult fracture of the scafoid until proven otherwise.

This chld needs and X-ray, and if it is negative, a repeat X-ray in two to three weeks.

I called his Dr. on Monday, and he said if it's not better in a week, then come in and get another X-ray. I saw the first on, it looks good, adn you can't even see where his previous fracture was. Should I just bypass his Dr. and just call his Ortho?

Why would you not take this problem to an Orthpaedic Surgeon?

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