01 YZ125- Longer chain for 13/50 gearing?

I'm gonna switch my gearing up on my bike for some more low end pull...going with 13/50 as per most peoples comments on here. Will I need a longer chain then the stock? What is recommended?

it should work fine depends on how many links are in it now and what gearing your using. what gearing do you have on it right now and where is your axle in the swingarm, foreward, middle, or towards the rear?

It's the stock gearing 13/48...not sure what the stock chain length is. Axle is in the middle of the adjustment area.

You should be alright, but really you won't know for certain until you put the new sprocket on.

Are you replacing the chain at the same time? If so, and you should, get a chain that is a few links longer than your stock chain as you can always cut it down if needed.

Stock chain length will be listed in the owner's manual.

if your in the middle right now it should work.

Thanks guys. I will be replacing the whole shebang...found a RK kit on eBay that has the xw ring chain, and steel sprockets, which should do the trick for me. I have an alloy rear on now, and I can't belive it's not butter, as it hasn't lasted very long. Thanks again.

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